Tuesday, September 29, 2009

this week

It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks. I am running my head off with all of the sports practices, plus the games and then there is the supportive mom (dinner for the football boys both helping and just being there). Last week was supposed to be the homecoming for the school but the game was called off due to the other team (they only had 7 boys not sick or hurt) so the school is redoing the homecoming week for this week. Plus there has been school pictures and one field trip.
whew! That's just school. Then Seth has confirmation every other Wed. night. Oh and I'm still working. Lots of changes in the work dept. Both good and bad, but I am over the bad and have decided to be a team player.
Nate is out of town this week for a few days, and I really don't like acting like a single mom. I don't see how they do it. It seems that I don't have much down time (and I am realizing that I really need that).
I have registered to go back to school. I have already picked out 2 different degrees that I want. Both require that you are accepted into them. Both are hard to get into, but I am definately a different person than I was 17, 18 years ago. Play time is over! I have taken my placement tests and am happy with 2 of my scores. I'm not so happy with the math score. I am going to retake the math part the day of registeration for the Spring semester (Oct. 28th) so keep your fingers crossed. That score decides if I am eligible to apply for the 2 degrees. So every day for the last week and every day until Oct 28th I am/will spend an hour or two studying Algebra, Algebra II and Trig. Yep, I'm serious. Crap, I'm even playing algebra games on the computer just to try to refresh. Soooo, it has been "do or die" mentality around here. There is alot of pressure to pass this. So far my plan (if I dont get into the programs yet) will be to take Eng 101 (several of my former credits didn't transfer) Either Math 100 or Math 116 depending on the scores of my test, and Anatomy. The later will be my easiest class. And so far everything that needed to fall into place has. God has definately had a hand in this.
I've started a new leg class and it is killing me. It's odd how you think you are in shape and quit really working out and pushing yourself, then take a class that you think will be somewhat easy and then afterward you try to walk and you start whimpering. I don't think I could do another lunge or squat. But, tomorrow I'll be back at class. This is another do or die thing. I can't give it up. Not in an anorexic way (quit laughing, everyone knows I love food) but in a mind/mood soothing way. I have horrible days when I don't work out or jog. My mood is the pits. So, I just try to incorporate it with the kids. Ali now loves to jog and Seth? well Seth is working out on the field 5 days a week and on the court 3, so he misses out on our new "girl time".

Well, the morning is gonna come early so I better hit the hay.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ali's homecoming dress

She bought this herself for the homecoming dance this friday. I'll update later...lot of things going on.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My sweet girl

Here is a pic of Ali yesterday. Unfortunately I had waited until after school to take it. Mornings are so rush rush here. She bought the boots and skirt and put the outfit together. She also braided her hair herself. :sigh: she is getting so grown up. enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

First communion and other stuff

Here are a few pics of Ali practicing for school pictures (hair down)and a few of her this past Sunday which was her first communion.

Seth's football camp

I can't believe that I haven't uploaded any pics this summer...we have been taking them. This was the Todd Bates football camp that Seth went to in June.

Friday, July 10, 2009

We made the appointment.

We made the appointment for Ali to get contacts. It will be easier for her to play sports (I hope) and since this is the "summer of Ali" and all the changes she has made, it just seemed right. She goes next Friday and we are both excited for it. We have been looking for locker stuff (for Seth too) and so far we found the mirror and dry erase board. Ali and I went to the mall today to look for back to school clothes (mom, the first day is the most important!) and for cowboy boots. We didn't find anything that just screamed "buy me", so I guess there will be several more mall trips.

Monday, July 6, 2009